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The start page organisation was set up at the suggestion on New Atlantis a non profit organisation that exists to improve the quality of peoples lives.

The concept was simple to find a new and more users friendly way that people could make use of the information available on the internet.

What started out as a simple project become more complex and larger over time and as the site of the internet has grown. It is even more valuable now so much information is available.

The role of the organisation has shifted slightly over time, moving away from trying to undertake tasks alone and towards greater co-operation with others. this has led to the development of the friendly systems philosophy that allows sections of one web site to appear inside or work closely with another.

A separate company was set up to run the start page organisation, but never used and it remains a division of Knowledge Base Publications Ltd

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The future

Knowledge Base Publications (KBP) is  a part of what is known as the new economic model, this is where many companies, clubs, and non profit organisations work together towards the general good of all their members and clients.

This philosophy led by New Atlantis. Within this model KBP has a more defined role as a provider of information and dealing with shared information that is published. The generic term for our expanded and redefined role is The Knowledge Organisation. our website at will define this overall role and all the divisions more fully.

The New Economic Model



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The Start Page Organization is the trading title of Knowledge Base Publications Ltd

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