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Best of the best (fast server)

Best-of the best (second server)

BOTB within Start page

Start page compact version (UK Start Page)

Worldwide Library


Site Promotion


Many of the systems listed work together as friendly systems, and most are available from within start-page, and by pressing the value-plus button in start-page.

Portals - Accessing the best on the web


UK super portal  and  is a fast, easy to use method of getting to just about any resource on the web. Many classifications, topic, local and profession amongst them.

Now Live on both servers

USA super portal

To be announced, but like the UK site being built to be the best.


Other countries super portals

Scope to create special versions for any country.


Non frame portal   Available from within start-page, but also as a free standing portal for those who prefer not to or cannot use frames.


UK Media portal  a specialist portal for video, TV, film and sound mediums.


World wide media Portal  encouraging, and detailing developments to get TV, film, sound and similar formats available to everyone.

Provisional system live

Shopping portals  and 14 virtual shopping centers.

Live 03/02


Virtual Library- Sharing Information in easy to use formats.


Friendly systems

Details allowing you to share your information with others and to allow your system to include a range of other facilities.


Virtual library  A resource site providing a wide range of added value data from correspondence courses to family history data. Many of the resources have been created for this site.

Live and expanding 

New version development


Information resources - Making unique information available


Large UK indexes and lists.  major indexes of many aspects connected with the UK, Local newspapers, large companies, charities, health, local government, and much more plus around 80 classified list of UK magazine recommendations of the best Internet sites.


Company and financial information. An online card index to companies, giving information on each, direct links and far more. Companies on the London stock exchange have been the first to build data on.

Data being created


Family history data, interests, a full correspondence course and a whole library of information plus links to everything to do with genealogy.


Business to Business

Trade tender request links, updated by business and fully searchable allowing quick identification of tendering or sales opportunities.



Signposting - getting visitors to web sites


Site promotion  sponsorship, advertising, site promotion, virtual shopping arcade locations and site sales.


Fun random portals  and  a fun way of site promotion by sharing doorways to other sites, and an alternative to banner advertisements.


Shopping centers

 A range of 14 virtual shopping arcades see  for details.


Other options from here

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